Introduction to the Rafinex Suite

Why Rafinex?

The world’s best mathematics at the tip of everyone’s fingers to solve main product design challenges.

At the core of the Rafinex philosophy runs a modern approach to stochastic structural optimization, plus seamless automation through analysis workflows.

Rafinex is a company that is singularly dedicated to providing advanced numerical models for challenging engineering applications, ready to use and packaged under beautiful, intuitive cloud simulation apps with built-in expert know-how.

By combining best-in-class algorithms, we are striving to find and provide the world’s most advanced and most appropriate numerical methods for your design and analysis needs.

Rafinex goes beyond current market tools by accounting for real-life variability using uncertainty quantification methods, and by considering manufacturability aspects. This allows for safe and profitable usage by everyone in engineering product design.

Rafinex Möbius: topology optimization

MÖBIUS: Stochastic (Structural) Topology Optimization Package

Möbius-UI - Cloud based user interface (pre & post-processor): import CAD, meshing, optimization set-up, job status and results extraction.

Möbius-STO - Stochastic Topology Optimization: deterministic and stochastic advanced optimization analysis. Unique stochastics implementation meets a unique remeshing and adaptivity technique in a single simulation analysis.

Möbius-extract - Extracts optimised shapes and generates a quality STL & finite element model for consequent stiffness / stress verification.

Möbius-FEA - Linear and modal finite element analysis (FEA) verification, plus Stochastic detailed analysis and post-processing.

Future Products & Developments:
  • Parallel solver

  • Carbon fibre analysis

  • Visco-elastic non-linear solver